Why are Track Saws so Expensive?

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Track Saw

Why are track saws so expensive?

Personally, I believe it’s merely since they are much more complexly constructed compared to average round saws.

The new Milwaukee M18 cordless track saw just started to ship, and there are already numerous conversations floating around the web as well as social media where device individuals are grumbling about the rate.

Similar conversations comply with virtually every new track saw launch or news.

Some device customers will always raise just how franken-saws– round saws with bolt-on components or overview plate attachments– are so much less costly.

It seems immutable. Track saw? $$$$$.

There are a couple of lower-priced designs by worth device brand names, however they still set you back greater than conventional round saws.

Many brands also ship track saws in costly modular device boxes, typically with tailored inserts. This certainly adds a bit to the costs pricing.

Track saws are definitely worth it– IF you comprehend and also weigh the benefits and also can warrant the cost.

Although some designs are significantly cheaper, simply one glance at their mostly plastic building and construction tells the whole story.

Competition ought to have brought pricing down, but it hasn’t, which leads me to think their premium pricing is connected to the greater number of parts and need for high accuracy.

The truth of the matter is that track saws lug a steep costs contrasted to like-powered round saws. It’s just the nature of such tools.

I assume that, as opposed to asking why track saws are so costly, it might be interesting to ask why this inquiry comes up so often.

When stepping up from a round saw to a worm-drive (or back handle) saw, the latter’s greater pricing is almost always credited to a more effective motor as well as beefier gearing, and occasionally the transition to magnesium elements (such as the guard or footwear).

When comparing a circular to a track saw, the physical differences are apparent yet do not appear proportional to the prices increase.

What are you obtaining for the money? Plunge-action cutting, far better dirt control or collection, a flush-cutting design, flexible guide rail slots, clear markings, precision cutting, a costs blade (generally), and also a custom-made device box. Did I miss anything?

There’s overlap in between what circular saws and also plunge-cutting track saws can do, but they’re are really different tools.

Discussing the brand-new Milwaukee M18 cordless track saw in particular, it’s $399 for the tool-only, or $639 for the kit with an XC HO battery, fast charger, and also Packout tool box.

Makita’s XGT 40V Max model is $429 for the tool-only, and also their 18V X2 model is $389 for tool-only. (Both are still eligible for recurring holiday season battery benefit offers.).

Bosch’s 18V cordless track saw is $519 for just the tool as well as a tool box, or $649 for the 1-battery package.

Festool’s similarly sized corded track saw is $599, or $549 for the tool-only cordless version.

Dewalt’s FlexVolt cordless track saw is $490 for the tool-only with a track, or $619 for the kit as well as a 59 ″ track.

Ryobi’s is $289 for the device with a track, or $399 for the set.

Mafell’s is $860 for tool-only, or $1360 for the 2-battery kit.

If you desire a track saw yet your budget plan is limited, check out corded models. I still utilize my corded saw on occasion when doing repetitive cuts on smaller sized panels. Directly, I highly like cordless, as I usually bring my saw to my work, as well as it’s much easier to do so without needing to worry about plugging in and subjugating a power cord.

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But if you go cordless, brushless electric motors, high ability as well as high output batteries, as well as quick battery chargers include considerably to the cost.

I want that excellent track saws really did not cost a lot, yet they do. If it was feasible for tool brands to reduce expenses without compromises or sacrifices to track saws’ accuracy or performance, would not they?

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