MAX SuperFramer

MAX has actually been a leading maker of commercial power tools since 1942, and has actually specifically presented ingenious nailers since the 1980’s. Limit SuperFramer is no exception. Yes, this corded pneumatic mounting nailer comes to the market each time when “cordless is king”. While cordless nailers are a fantastic option for punch list products, battery technology does not rather have the run time yet for long, large building, which is the precise circumstances MAX makes their tools for. Nonetheless, limit SuperFramer was created to be little and light to fit in limited areas with a simplicity that competes with cordless.

Let’s see how this professional framing nailer handles the pressure.

Who is MAX?

As we stated MAX has actually been around for at least 80 years, as well as has globally recognition as a supplier of workplace supplies, best commercial tools, and tools for the building industry.

MAX serves clients throughout North, Central, and South America. MAX United States is headquartered in Plainview, NY. Their home office lies in Tokyo, Japan, where all of their tools are manufactured in ISO9001 and also ISO14001 accredited factories.

As a firm, MAX prides itself on giving high-grade items that it continuously re-engineers to satisfy the markets advancing requirements. These are simply a few reasons MAX is a relied on name by the commercial and building and construction sectors.

MAX SuperFramer Features

Max SuperFramer

Limit SuperFramer (SN883RH3) is tiny, however mighty. Okay, it’s not that tiny, however at 11-7/8 in. it is about 30% smaller sized than conventional framing nailers, as well as evaluates just 7.9 pounds. The operation stress ranges from 70 to 120 PSI.

The dimension and weight make it very easy to use comfortably when toenailing product overhead and dealing with strange angles. The MAX SuperFramer is a stick nailer that is mostly utilized for framing, but can also be utilized to install subfloors, decking, sheathing, and also much more.

I additionally discovered the durable steel outside. It’s an extruded light weight aluminum that is designed to be durable and endure office accidents.

Max SuperFramer

The MAX SuperFramer includes a slim head. “Smaller sized is better” seems to be the vision behind this nailer. The slim head is perfect for fitting between studs and also those hard-to-reach-areas.

Max SuperFramer

The MAX SuperFramer has a slim take care of with a rubber overmold. This creates a simple, comfortable hold while in operation.

Max SuperFramer

As we stated, pneumatically-driven pressure gives the most effective power for manufacturing nailing. However, the cord can be pesky. So, MAX installed a swivel joint under of the SuperFramer deal with that the hose pipe attaches to. The hose pipe can now conveniently adjust to the angle it’s being utilized in. You no longer have to fight with, obtain tangled, or trip over the hefty hose.

Max SuperFramer

Out of the box, the MAX SuperFramer is furnished with a more secure, single-fire trigger, as well as includes a speedy trigger. The triggers can conveniently be changed out without device required.

Whichever cause you go with, it is easy to reach and operate with the index finger while grasping the deal with. Simply over the deal with on the left side you will discover the lock/unlock button. Both the trigger and switch are bright orange, which attracts attention versus the light silver steel body.

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The MAX SuperFramer collaborates with complete rounded head stick nails ranging in size from 2 in. to 3-1/4 in, and nail diameter varies from.113 in to.148 in. We loaded the 21-degree magazine with 65 3-1/4 in. nails. Nonetheless, because our nails can be found in strips of 25 nails, we found it simpler to just fit two strips of nails in.

Max SuperFramer

The cleated end of the contact arm, or “sharp teeth” as MAX describes it, grasps the building product as well as prevents it from moving.

You can also see the magnet nose where the call arm meets the body. This protects against jamming and also losing nails by holding the last nail of the strip.

Max SuperFramer

You can conveniently change the nail’s sink deepness with the red change dial. The dial can easily be discovered on the ideal side of limit SuperFramer.

Max SuperFramer

Another item located at the base of the deal with is the rafter hook. So, when you’re not utilizing limit SuperFramer you can hang it on a stud or an additional hook or support.

MAX SuperFramer Performance

With a maximum operation pressure of 120 PSI and numerous precision attributes like the cleated call arm, nose magnet, as well as deepness adjustment, limit SuperFramer verifies to be a quick, powerful, and also efficient mounting nailer. Additionally, the moderate dimension as well as weight, and easier motion from the swivel joint for the tube add to the convenience of use.

One more advantage is the durability from the durable, extruded aluminum body. You have extra security recognizing it will make it through getting went down as well as knocked.

Watch what occurred when we matched limit SuperFramer with the Stud-Master 16.

MAX SuperFramer Valule

The MAX SuperFramer retails for $270 on, which costs in a similar way to equivalent pneumatic nailers.

This is the biggest trend I’ve observed when contrasting limit SuperFramer to other pneumatic nailers. If they’re more affordable it’s since they are missing something in terms of power, attributes, dimension, etc.

In addition to the power, performance, as well as attributes, the MAX SuperFramer features a five-year restricted guarantee.

MAX SuperFramer Complete

It’s hard to take on the power as well as attributes of the MAX SuperFramer. MAX has actually been a leading supplier of industrial devices for a reason. This stick mounting nailer might be greater than the typical home owner requirements, however limit SuperFramer is a rapid as well as dependable tool that is best for specialists. On top of that, MAX is a trusted brand that is devoted to frequently advancing their products to be far better. If mounting is a crucial component of your daily job, you will certainly not be let down by the MAX SuperFramer.

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