Sharp Pog – Oscillating Blade Sharpener Review

The oscillating tool is possibly among one of the most underrated tools on the marketplace. When I was remodeling my home, while it had not been my most used device, it was a device that when required, conserved me time and also worry. Nevertheless, something that did aggravate me was how many blades I would rip through on a job. There is a device around called the Sharp Pog that asserts to help enliven old oscillating blades and also conserves you money and time. So considering the amount of blades I experienced, I knew this was something I wanted to try for myself.

Oscillating Tool

The oscillating tool was established by a company called Fein in 1967. The tool was made to get rid of plaster casts without cutting the person. The essence behind the device is that the blade oscillates backward and forward rather than a blade that rotates, consequently safer for the client.

If you’re questioning what the distinction is between an oscillating tool and a multitool, you are not alone. The lower line, there isn’t a distinction. Multitool entered into play because this device can execute a range of different jobs, thus multitool.

Do not estimate me on this yet I would think that when the tool first appeared, it was called the oscillating tool. After that when the marketing division selected it up as a project to offer to the customer, they possibly classified it the multitool to help show the range of jobs this can do.

Fein’s license expired in 2008 so this expensive tool now ended up being more affordable as companies like Bosch, Milwaukee, and also extra created their very own variations in both corded as well as cordless. Nevertheless, in today’s world, we see a great deal more cordless variations, not that battery technology has evolved as well as allowed these devices to boost their run times.

Oscillating Tool Blades

While there are a great deal of different makers in the market, an oscillating tool is only as good as its blade. Even the most effective multitool will certainly not have the ability to do its job if the blade is dull. Likewise not only will a plain blade not have the ability to execute the task yet a dull blade will certainly place more tension on your multitool as well as can create it to pass away or break prematurely.

If you are not acquainted with oscillating blades, you can pay anywhere from $.50 per blade all the way up to $7 per blade.

The issue with oscillating tool blades is twofold. First, they have a tendency to wear swiftly, particularly if you are doing a requiring job. Not just can they break from use, yet if you are removing timber or other materials and also you hit a nail, state good by to the teeth on the blade.

The 2nd trouble is the expense. Oscillating blades are not affordable. Yes, they do market affordable oscillating blades on yet what excellent is that when they wear out rapidly? In the long run, you can be spending the very same quantity of money due to the fact that you go through them swiftly.

Right here is a story that is all too often informed. A person obtains a new oscillating blade, they start their job, as well as wham, they struck a nail. State bargain to 5 bucks promptly. That is discouraging, you might as well just open your window as well as throw out your cash. Speaking of that, if you are going to throw cash out of the window, allow me understand and I can send you my address.

So we understand oscillating blades are necessary to assist your task obtain done quicker as well as much easier. We know a sharp blade doesn’t put as should stress on your devices. We understand that top quality oscillating blades cost a whole lot. And also we likewise know that utilizing an oscillating blade can be a wager since it can obtain ruined conveniently.

Sharp Pog

There is a firm that asserts that they have the option. So now you can buy inexpensive( emergency room) blades as well as resharpen them. Or you can utilize your costly blades and also do not have to bother with hitting a nail as well as destroying them.

Right here is among those developments that are so essential, you assume, why didn’t I think of that? The Shapr Pog is a lot of grinding wheels assembled on a shaft that will certainly sharpen your old, damaged, or worn-out oscillating device.

The suggestion behind this tool is the Sharp Pog is connected to a drill that spins the Sharp Pog. As the Sharp Pog spins, it grinds the oscillating blade down as well as produces brand-new teeth. As a note, this will certainly not collaborate with carbide blades

Sounds simple and easy but how does it perform?

Sharp Pog Performance

Sharp Pog

We ended up going on as well as buying some affordable oscillating blades. We after that affixed it to the multitool and also ground down the teeth by running the blade over concrete. This is what it looks like in about 20 secs.

Sharp Pog

Currently comes the Sharp Pog test, just how would this function? When sharpening a blade, we discovered it easy to sharpen the blade using the Sharp Pog by leaving the blade on the multitool, just ensure you take the battery off the tool for safety.

All we can say is it’s simple as cutting bread. The Sharp Pog quickly as well as quickly brought the affordable blade back to life.

Sharp Pog

After concerning 30 secs, this is what our blade appeared like. Back to new and prepared for some more work.

Sharp Pog

We cut a notch out of a 2 × 4 and also couldn’t discriminate in between the brand-new blade as well as a blade that was resharpened with the Sharp Pog. Both punctured the wood with the exact same initiative and also exact same time.

So to sum it up, the Sharp Pog really works and is easy to use.

Sharp Pog Value

So just how much does this price? You can choose this up on for $44.95. Directly, this is a steal. Think about the amount of times you can resharpen a blade, they are no longer just a once-and-done. If you hit a nail, they wear out or get damaged, no concerns. In 30 secs, I have a brand new blade. So for $44.95, I conserve time, and also money in the long run, much less irritation, as well as a far better end result, it’s worth every dime.

The Finish up

The bottom line, the Sharp Pog is the real deal. This is such a great innovation as well as ought to be in every tradesman as well as house owner’s tool kit. We know just how expensive oscillating blades can be and also how quickly they break. The Sharp Pog will save you money, time, and make your task simpler.

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