Ridgid Teases New Track Saw is Coming in 2023

Ridgid Cordless Track Saw Guide Rail 2023

Ridgid has actually teased of something that is “on course to launch 2023.” The sole photo is of a Ridgid-branded overview rail that frequently comes with track saws.

So, by basic reduction, it seems that Ridgid is going to introduce a cordless track saw.

Or, possibly it will be a corded track saw, but I doubt it; how many AC/corded power tools have major device brands released recently?

I ask yourself– is Ridgid collection to introduce an 18V cordless track saw, or will it be a dual-battery track saw?

Ryobi introduced an 18V cordless track saw in mid-2022, and also Milwaukee Tool is recently releasing their highly-anticipated new M18 cordless track saw.

Pointer: TTI establishes and also manufactures cordless power tools for both Ryobi as well as Ridgid, available for sale exclusively at Home Depot.

Makita, among House Depot’s front runner cordless power tool brands, has actually supplied track saws for many years. Has Home Depot ever included them in shops? For that issue, I don’t believe I have actually seen the Ryobi at any kind of Home Depot shops because it released in 2015.

There are 4 major sorts of track saws:

i) Regular circular saws with clamp-on cutting overviews, accessory shoes, or various other monitoring executes.

ii) Value-priced track saws– such as by Ryobi as well as Kreg.

iii) Costs track saws, such as by Makita and Festool.

iv) Specialized track saws, such as by Mafell and Festool.

With Ryobi offering a value-priced cordless track saw, and also Milwaukee supplying a costs option sustained by a system of accessories, where will Ridgid suit?

Will the Ridgid cordless– or corded– track saw be an online-only product like the Ryobi, or will it be offered in stores?

Searching Home Depot’s website for “Ryobi guide rail” or comparable search phrases does not show up a lot. I also can’t appear to locate any type of palatable parts or accessories, such as replacement anti-splinter strips.

As a long-time track saw customer, I have acquired extra guide rail sizes for many years, along with substitute anti-splinter strips. I’ve bought things like clamps, as well as likewise 3rd celebration devices.

Cross-compatibility behaves, however can be confusing and also tough to browse. Track saws are best sustained by an ecosystem of add-ons, accessories, and replacement items.

Milwaukee appears to recognize this– they’re releasing their new cordless track saw with guide rails, an instance, saw blades, track adapters, clamps, as well as replacement anti-splinter and non-slip strips.

Will Ridgid’s possible track saw be a standalone item like Ryobi’s, or part of a system like Milwaukee’s?

Maybe Ridgid as well as Ryobi will share an usual track style and accessories? That would be a great suggestion. Or will the Ridgid be compatible with Milwaukee tracks and accessories?

I started delighted about Ridgid’s teaser statement, today I’m not so certain. We’ll see.

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