SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater

One fun aspect of operating in a profession is all the different jobsites you get to operate at– except when a jobsite is cold! Regrettably, numerous jobsites can be chilly because of points like revealed and open walls, no running warm, and also cold weather. This is when you need a good Jobsite Heating system. SunFire, a Wisconsin-based, U.S.A. producer of industrial glowing heaters and also accessories, launched the SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heating System. A few claims from SunFire are that this heater is odor-free, windless, low noise, can warm up to 2,800 sq. ft., as well as is the most heavy-duty radiant heating unit worldwide.

We will certainly be taking a much deeper explore these insurance claims and also even more. Alright, let’s enter.

SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Features

This SunFire F120 runs of kerosene or a mix of diesel and No. 2 gas oil, and a 120V power supply to create. It’s also suitable with a 120V-800W Pure Sine Power Inverter or generator. Every one of this with each other enables the SF120 Radiant Mobile Diesel Heating system to generate up to 120,000 BTUs as well as heat up to 2,800 sq. ft.

SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heating system source of power & output 1 of 3

This is a fairly huge heater, determining 28.5 in. W x 32 in. L x 33.75 in. H. This size accommodates the 14.2-gallon fuel tank that enables the heating unit to run for 16 (diesel/No. 2 gas) to 18 (kerosene) hours. Nevertheless, the heating unit is tiny enough to conveniently fit inside a door structure.

With of SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater

Along with its size, this heating system is pretty heavy. It weighs regarding 120 lbs. when vacant and also around 220 pounds. when the fuel container is full. Thankfully, SunFire consisted of 3 style attributes that make this heater relatively easy to move around.

Two rubber, flat-free wheels permit users to raise the heating system up at an angle and also conveniently wheel it about. It’s also really stable when the legs are down.Comfort-grip tube framework and manage supply an easy, comfortable place to get hold of and pull the heating unit. The manage additionally folds up down when not in use to maintain the heating unit as small as possible.Multi-lift brace ahead permits you to move the heater with a crane hook, sling, or forklift.

These 3 style attributes do a wonderful work of alleviating the load when moving the heating unit.

SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heating System Mobile Layout Includes 1 of 4

We also wish to include that the SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heating unit is constructed of heavy-duty steel throughout. It’s made to be durable and also built to last. Each heater is additionally independently examined before packaging.

On top of the fuel storage tank, you will certainly find the gas filter and fuel gauge.

SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater fuel filter and fuel guage

I understand what you’re questioning. Exactly how’s the heat? Along with the power, the SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater provides breezeless infrared heat. This is due to infrared home heating, which disperses the heat more evenly than a forced-air heating unit. I like this because …

You do not obtain blasted with heat whenever you action in front of it.Heat is extra equally dispersed in your workspace.Dust is not being blown around by the heating system.

Various other great elements of infrared home heating is that it is unsmelling, quiet, and there’s no carbon monoxide manufacturing. So, not just does this include in a far better work environment, it produces a safer one also.

SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater’s infrared heating element 1 of 3

The controls lie behind the infrared burner. The controls are straightforward and also simple to operate. This is also where the Fast Accessibility Easy Upkeep Hatch lies. Essentially, this is the panel covering the controls. It’s very easy to eliminate for repair and maintenance.

SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater control panel and rapid access maintenance hatch

The SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heating unit can be linked to a mechanical or battery-powered thermostat. This allows you to have temperature-controlled warm in any work space vs continual heat. Perk: this preserves fuel and also permits your heating system to run much longer.

SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Value

The SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heating unit is offered at The Residence Depot for $2,395.00. These heating units do set you back substantially more than various other diesel/kerosene heating units readily available at The House Depot. Nonetheless, none of these competing models provide breeze-free, induction heat, or the zero carbon monoxide discharges.

We did contrast this SunFire version to other huge radiant heating systems on. Most of those were cheaper, however did not have power, and likewise did not have the very same absolutely no carbon monoxide discharges.

SunFire does use 0% financing readily available for 12-24 month funding strategies from getting involved SunFire Dealerships.

SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Wrap-Up

As we discussed, the SF120 costs much more, yet that’s since it provides extra. This glowing heating system supplies excellent warm, yet it’s also quiet, windless, and produces absolutely no carbon monoxide gas exhausts. It was likewise made with ability to move as well as toughness in mind.

Eventually, SunFire thought about just how they can improve the jobsite, and also they did well. They made it more pleasurable, efficient, and more secure.

Obviously, this heater was not produced your regular house usage. It’s still a great choice for any person with a major workshop, but this is fantastic for usage at industrial and industrial building jobsites.

A Lot More About Glowing Portable Diesel Heaters

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