The Mora Chisel Knife is Exactly What it Looks Like

Mora Chisel Knife Hero

The Mora carve blade is a knife with a chisel pointer. Or is it a sculpt with a diagonal blade side?

It belongs to Morakniv’s Craftline collection of fixed-blade blades aimed at hard utility use, and is officially described as a Pro carve for carpentry and also building applications.

The knife features a 3-inch blade with single-bevel edges, and also TPE rubber handle for a safe grip. Its overall size is 7-3/4 inches. The carbon steel blade is 3.1 mm (~ 1/8 ″) thick and also ought to hone quickly.

Mora Chisel Knife

I’m a follower of Mora Craftline knives. They’re basically pieces of developed steel with comfy manages. The high quality is good, and the pricing normally greater than reasonable. They offer high energy at sensible prices.

Mora Chisel Knife Blade Spine

The knife’s spinal column is “raw” as well as unground for the objective of being “sturdy and worth oriented.” Simply put, Mora does not place unneeded time or labor right into making the back edge of the blade looking rather.

Comparable is true for other Morakniv Craftline series knives.

Mora Chisel Knife with Sheath

It comes with a plastic sheath with belt loop for keeping the blade secure and available.

Price: $17
COO: Made in Sweden

Buy it at

Hultafors Chisel Knife

If you’re on the fence as a result of the price tag, Hultafors has something comparable for under $10.

Buy it at

Dewalt Side Strike Chisel

If you desire something more chisel-like and also less knife-like, the Dewalt Side Strike chisel is likewise reasonably priced at just $15.

I’ve had one for a very long time and it has actually worked well.

My sculpt’s leading edge is looking rather gnarly, and I’m rather sure repairing it will certainly call for boning up a reasonable amount of metal. The Side Strike chisel was hard to discover for a while, now that I see it’s readily available once again, I could include a fresh one to my device package.

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