Festool is Launching a New Track Saw in 2023

Festool TS 60 Track Saw Hero

Festool has revealed a brand-new track saw, TS 60 KEB, that they state is more secure and “more versatile than ever.” This is a corded saw, not cordless.

The new Festool track saw can cut deeper than the prominent TS 55- up to 60mm thanks to its new blade dimension– and is outfitted with a brand-new and also more effective brushless electric motor.

In a social networks livestream video clip– where they specifically introduced this as well as various other brand-new items– a Festool U.S.A. spokesperson explained the saw as being “twice as quick” as any kind of saw they have actually ever made use of.

It gives up a riving knife and instead features an integrated anti-kickback mechanism that Festool states will shut down the saw in the event it senses any kind of upwards or backwards movements. The KickbackStop can be reset in about 15 secs.

Festool TS 60 Track Saw Blade Change

The Festool TS 60 track saw collaborate with a new 168mm blade dimension.

This gives the saw a 62mm maximum cutting deepness, or ~ 2-7/16 ″. Festool describes the saw as being able to reduce materials approximately 60mm thick, presumably when you take their overview rail density right into account.

In contrast, their TS 55 plunge-cutting track saws work with a 160mm blade dimension for a max reducing depth of 55mm, or 2-1/8 ″.

A 5mm distinction in maximum reducing deepness is ~ 0.197 ″, or a bit more than 3/16 ″.

Festool claims that the brand-new saw is the “exact same dimension as well as weight as the TS 55.”

festool TS 60 Track Saw Angled View

There’s a brand-new splinter guard as well, and also the saw can additionally be used with “all cross reducing guide rails,” such as the FSK.

The USA version will certainly have a dual range with metric as well as inch markings.



The Festool TS 60 track saw is stated to be the exact same size and weight as the TS 55, yet extra effective, much faster reducing, “safer,” and also “extra functional than ever before,” and with a slightly much deeper maximum reducing deepness.

Festool introduced their TS 55 FEQ just in 2015, calling it their “brand-new flagship track saw,” a title I suppose will now most likely to the new TS 60. Festool marketed the most recent TS 55 as reducing two times as rapid many thanks to “focused torque.” (We asked Festool U.S.A. to clarify these claims, however they never ever did.) It likewise utilizes newer “ultra-thin” blades.

The advantage of an extra powerful electric motor is apparent. Yet why did Festool go with a brand-new blade dimension, as opposed to simply upgrading their TS 55 with a much better motor as well as the exact same lifestyle enhancements included here, such as the double scale deepness quit markings?

Are there any reasons to acquire the TS 55 instead? What regarding the cordless TSC 55 saw– should customers resist as well as wait on a prospective TSC 60?

Something to be knowledgeable about is that the also-new Festool KSC 60 Kapex cordless miter saw does not deal with this same blade dimension as you could presume– that tool is compatible with 216mm (8-1/2 ″) blades. The brand-new Festool CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw does deal with the very same 168mm blade size.

It does not seem especially convenient to me, for a corded track attended share blades with a cordless table saw.

The TS 75 is a more effective track saw with higher cutting capacity. How does the TS 60 suit between the TS 55 as well as TS 75?

Are users going to benefit from less than one fifth of an inch of greater on-paper cutting capability?

Update: Festool revealed the TSV 60 scoring track saw in Europe.

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