New Dewalt Atomic Cordless Drills are a Big Upgrade

Dewalt Atomic Cordless Drill Upgrades 2023

Dewalt announced two brand-new Atomic 20V Max cordless drills, a 1/2 ″ drill/driver (DCD794) and also a 1/2 ″ hammer drill (DCD799).

Both of the new Dewalt cordless drills include brushless motors and are claimed to more powerful and smaller in size.

The new tools are stated to be Dewalt’s quickest 20V Max cordless drill/driver as well as hammer drill, relative to head size.

Dewalt Atomic Cordless Drill DCD794D1

The Dewalt DCD794 Atomic cordless drill provides up to 404 UWO as well as 1650 RPM, and also its head size is 5.88 ″.

Dewalt Atomic Cordless Hammer Drill DCD799L1

The DCD799 Atomic hammer drill supplies up to 552 UWO, 1650 RPM, and also 28,050 BPM, and also its head size is 6.49 ″.

Both devices have 1/2 ″ ratcheting chucks, 15 clutch settings, and also a variable speed trigger.

As a pointer, Dewalt utilizes UWO as a measure of drill power, rather than max torque. Read more: Dewalt Cordless Power Equipment, UWO, as well as Torque– Here’s What all of it Truly Method.

Price: $159 for the drill set, $189 for the hammer drill package

The drill/driver kit (DCD794D1) comes with a charger as well as 2Ah battery, while the hammer drill kit (DCD799L1) features a charger as well as compact 3Ah battery.

Purchase the Drill Package at Home DepotBuy the Hammer Drill Set in your home Depot

Both drills will certainly also be available as bare devices (DCD794B, DCD799B).

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