Parting Words: Festool TID 18 Cordless Impact Driver is Perfectly Unexceptional

The Festool TID 18 cordless effect vehicle driver is just one of one of the most typical tools I have ever before used. That claimed, I got rid of my TID 18 examination example today, and also I miss it currently.

As I pointed out in earlier blog posts, I have actually been functioning to clean up my workshop, and also component of this procedure includes offloading older examination samples.

The neighborhood senior high school woodshop required influence motorists, and so I added the Festool 18V TID 18 to the checklist.

I first wrote about the Festool TID 18 almost 2 years back, after putting it through some early testing.

Although far from being the best of the most effective, the TID 18 is an extremely qualified machine. It fits to hold, fairly effective, as well as easy to use.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with the TID 18.

It has rubber bumpers to secure delicate surface areas when you establish the device down, the 1/4 ″ hex chuck works specifically as it should, and the LED light is standard however properly bright.

The battery user interface is a satisfaction to make use of, however, with the insertion and removal action being far smoother than a lot of other brands’ cordless battery interfaces.

The TID 18 can drive in construction bolts easily, as well as its speed and also torque setups reduced things down for usage with smaller fasteners. I typically utilize impact motorists with fasteners approximately around 5/16 ″ x 4 ″.

2 years earlier, when I first assessed the TID 18, I was stuck. That is this for? Festool 18V cordless power device customers? It had not been an extraordinary entertainer, yet neither was it unsatisfactory.

I’ve made an effort to get the TID 18 on occasion, but nevertheless this time around, I still really feel no better or worse regarding it, which is odd.

I provided the motorist a try prior to loading it up for contribution, and that’s when I knew I would certainly miss it.

This previous September, Festool ran an item tester search on social networks, where they were trying to find individuals to review this influence chauffeur. It seems to me that Festool has actually been truly trying to go after the general specialist group.

Perhaps it can endure rough handling by tradesmen, but I don’t obtain the same “drop it off a ladder and also it’ll be okay” vibe from the Festool TID 18 as I do from other brand names’ influences. I wasn’t going to place my only example on the line to evaluate this.

I occasionally utilize cordless drills as well as drivers to gently push points. With this effect, I would certainly stop whatever to order a hammer.

It has typical specs on paper (1593 in-lbs), a brushless electric motor, and speed controls. The kit comes with 2x 3.1 Ah batteries, a charger, and also a Systainer3 device box.

As an apart as well as nuisance, this includes a Systainer3, yet Festool still packages several of their pricier tools as well as tools– such as their vacuum cleaner clamps with clunky classic Systainers. Why ?!

The TID 18 isn’t elegant, it’s not a top-performer, and also it doesn’t have many bells and whistles. It’s compact, although not by modern-day criteria.

It’s completely routine, as well as there’s a kind of sophistication because. I usually such as for devices that mix right into the background, as well as it’s unusual for this to be the situation with cordless power tools.

There’s no “gotcha” right here. No evident concessions. It’s as if Festool top administration decided someday that their 18V schedule needs an unobtrusive influence driver.

The absence of selection is additionally refreshing. There’s no single-speed influence (at least not that I recognize of), no higher-voltage version, no elegant 12-mode costs flagship design that is updated every various other year, as well as no holiday season “special buy” with lesser attributes and also reduced ability batteries.

Festool has the TID 18, and that’s it, at least for U.S.A. shoppers– I try not to look at global offerings too often, lest I be let down, however please correct me if I’m wrong.

Because of all this, the TID 18’s simplicity conceals the complexity behind its presence. Or, perhaps I’m overthinking things.

It’s strange that I feel I miss this specific effect chauffeur. It had not been especially hassle-free, as I hardly ever make use of Festool cordless power devices (and also never ever for personal usage), and it’s far from being my favorite. But, it was dependable and also unobtrusive.

The settings are very easy to browse– there are 3 speed/torque setups as well as a self-tapping screw mode. I never had to whip out an on the internet version to decode what the various setups suggest.

I bet I would certainly like this a lot much more if Festool 18V devices were a routine part of my job, or a minimum of I wager would rely on it a great deal extra.

Maybe this all responses the that is this for? question for me.

Possibly the Festool TID 18 is finest for Festool 18V cordless power tool customers looking for a comfortable, easy to utilize, fairly powerful, dependable, regular, and also totally inconspicuous influence driving experience.

There are few reasons Festool 18V device individuals might look for a cordless influence driver outside of the Festool 18V ecological community, other than maybe if rates is an element. At $349 for the 2-battery package, this is not an economical choice.

However, are there any kind of reasons why a person might wish to acquire right into Festool’s 18V cordless system simply for this device? I do not believe so.

That all claimed, it was a pleasure to utilize the moments I periodically dug it out. It was usually comfortable sufficient, portable enough, and effective sufficient. I really did not discover any kind of genuine reasons to be worried regarding resilience (although I did child it a bit), and also I took the phenomenal level of smoothness of the tool-battery user interface to be an indication of high production resistances.

I don’t be sorry for parting with this example, as it’s more convenient for me to adhere to a limited variety of brands when it concerns job work. I do be sorry for holding onto it for so long, yet I maintained expecting better clarity.

That clarity never came, and also right here I am attempting to understand a device that was only extraordinary for how dull it is.

“Monotonous” and also “simple” is in fact really irregular for Festool. Some Festool tools are so intricate to make use of that some have user manuals and likewise additional supplemental handbooks. The TID 18 is the unusual Festool device you can simply pick up and make use of.

If I ever before get into Festool’s 18V cordless power tool system, something I actually don’t see myself doing anytime quickly, I could strongly thinking about adding a TID 18 to my package.

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