New Bosch Cordless Circular Saws Address a Popular Complaint

Bosch GKS18V-22LB25 Cordless Circular Saw Blade Left at Jobsite Hero

Bosch has launched 2 new 18V cordless round saws, GKS18V-22 as well as GKS18V-22L. Both attribute brushless motors as well as a 6-1/2 ″ blade size as well as have one large difference.

One of the new Bosch cordless circular saws is “blade-left,” and the other is “blade-right.”.

Bosch GKS18V Cordless Circular Saw Blade Left and Right Cutting Wood

Many users have preferences pertaining to round saw blade direction.

Blade-left saws, for instance, have a tendency to offer better cut-line visibility for right-handed individuals. Likewise, left-handed individuals might prefer the far better cut-line visibility of right-handed saws.

I have actually likewise listened to contrary choices, such as where right-handed customers prefer blade-right designs. Such individuals could like saws that can be held and also utilized without having to cross their arms over the course of the blade.

Numerous users have choices that come from veteran use of corded saws.

Bosch is not the very first brand to offer blade-left and also blade-right versions of the exact same circular saw, yet this is the very first time I have actually seen this performed in the cordless world.

You might also have noticed that cordless 6-1/2 ″ round saws have a tendency to be blade-left, as well as 7-1/4 ″ round saws blade-right.

With these two saws, users have an option.

Bosch GKS18V-22B25 Cordless Circular Saw Blade Right

The blade-right model is GKS18V-22.

Bosch GKS18V-22LB25 Cordless Circular Saw Blade Left

The blade-left model is GKS18V-22L.

Features & Specs

6-1/2″ blade size0-5,000 RPM50° bevel rangeBevel detents at 0, 22.5°, 45°Pivoting dust shoeElectronic brakeCut-line LED lightWeighs 6.1 lbs (tool-only)

Tool-Only Model Numbers: GKS18V-22N, GKS18V-22LN
Kit Model Numbers: GKS18V-22B25, GKS18V-22LB25

The kits come with a charger and 2x Core18V 4Ah batteries.

Price: $199 for tool-only, $349 for the kit

Buy the Blade-Left Saw at Buy the Blade-Right Saw at Buy the Blade-Left Saw Kit at Buy the Blade-Right Saw Kit at

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