Monument Grill – Mesa 400

Monument could be a name you might not have actually come across yet they have actually been transforming heads as well as making a dash in the grill industry. While they are a newer firm that began in 2016, they have a ton of experience with grill design and manufacturing, as a matter of fact over twenty years of experience. Today we are checking out the Monolith Grill Mesa 400.

Monument Grill Mesa 400 Overview

While there is a great deal to enjoy about these grills, two things stand out to me.

The first is the high quality or must I state the value. These grills are made to last. They are developed like the extra pricey grills yet without the large price tag. So you can now obtain a premium grill for an affordable rate.

Second, the window. These are the first grills that I have seen with a window, that makes all the sense worldwide. Every time you open up a grill, you shed heat. When you shed heat, you decrease cooking which is bad for evident reasons. With the glass, you can currently take a peek at your food as well as you will not disturb the cooking process.

As you will see, there is a great deal even more to love about Monolith grills. So allow’s see what features the Mesa 400 needs to supply.

Monument Grill Mesa 400 Features

The Monolith grill has a wonderful stainless-steel surface that is simple to clean as well as keep looking nice.

Monument Grill Mesa 400

Right on the front of the grill, there is a glass home window so you can see your food cooking. In the center of the home window is a temperature level gauge to see just how hot the inside of your grill is.

Monument Grill Mesa 400

Opening the grill you can see and also experience the 542 sq. in. of cooking area. Monolith asserts this is roughly sufficient food preparation surface area space to cook 18 hamburgers, or 2 shelfs of ribs, or 5 entire poultries, or 18 hen thighs, or 5 pork butts, at once. While we didn’t examine all of these, it does seem reasonable.

Monument Grill Mesa 400

There are 3 lasting, detachable cast iron grids that offer even, delicious cooking.

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The grill has four burners that can create a complete result of approximately 52,000 BTU’s.

Monument Grill Mesa 400

There is adequate work space on both sides of the grill. On the left side, there is a stationary shelf.

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On the appropriate side, you have a solitary burner for additional cooking capability. Or it can likewise be used as a rack when the heater is not being used as well as the lid is closed.

Monument Grill Mesa 400

The grill features four lockable wheels.

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Below the grilling area are two doors that open to storage and give the user access to change the propane tank.

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On the back side of the grill, you can access the drip tray and the drip pan.

Monument Grill Mesa 400

The grill features an easy-to-start push-button ignition.

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One cool feature is the push-button lights.  So as day turns to night, you can push a button and get nice illuminated blue LED rings on the gas knobs.

Monument Grill Mesa 400

On the side of the grill, you can hang any barbecuing devices, which do not included the grill. I do like this as they are easily available. These are likewise a better style than the common “S” ring design on a lot of grills that constantly appear to fall off.

Monument Grill Mesa 400 Performance

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Alright first, let me say, yes I like my butter. Actually, I intended to use it because it was mosting likely to end, plus who doesn’t like butter?

We cooked steak, bacon, hamburgers, and also more with this grill. There were three points that attracted attention to me. Initially, the grill heats up rather quickly. Second, the grill preserves a regular temperature level, which is necessary for noticeable factors. Lastly, the grill is extremely simple to tidy.

Generally when you get a mess on the outside of a grill, it spots or is hard to wipe. We prepared eggs and also as you would certainly anticipate, the egg leaked outside of the grill where we cracked the covering. As soon as we were done food preparation, the egg easily wiped right off, despite the fact that the drips were essentially prepared on.

Generally, there is nothing to whine concerning with the performance of the grill. From the wheels to the glass, the grill carries out great.

Monument Grill Mesa 400 Worth

You can choose this grill up on for around $400. For the high quality, the power, and the cooking room, it’s a great value. Considering the experience I have actually had with these grills, a $400 grill for this high quality can not be defeated.

Monument Grill Mesa 400 Complete

Bottomline, the Monument Grill Mesa 400 is an excellent addition to their family. The grill does a fantastic task holding the temperature level and having the glass window in the lid is a great feature. Our experience with Monument Grills in the past is these stand up over the future. For a grill that delivers 52,000 BTU with 542 square inches of cooking space, well it’s tough to defeat.

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