Halo Versa Pizza Oven

If you resemble me, I can’t get excited about a pizza stove. Certain I love pizza as high as the next individual, yet I could never understand this substantial movement towards pizza ovens and also even reaching developing one in the backyard. Who consumes that much pizza? So I have to admit, when I first saw the Halo Versa Pizza Stove at the builder show, I walked by. However something captured my focus and drew me back in.

Halo Versa Pizza

Okay, it had not been something that drew my interest, it was two points. Initially, I saw the rotating stone and it had not been even connected in. Remarkable, that indicates transportability. I can take this camping, trailing gating, and also a lot more. Second, I saw other food than just pizza. Sure the flawlessly cooked pizza resting there was attracting the eye, yet there was other food.

Okay, they call it a pizza stove but it’s a lot extra. So for me, this is an item I would actually make use of since I might cook my pizza, yet I can do a lot extra. Actually, when you view the video clip listed below, you will see, I ended up cooking a lot more than simply pizza.

Bottom line, if you assume you recognize pizza stoves, you don’t know anything regarding them up until you see this Halo Versa Pizza oven. The quality, the style, the simplicity of use, the ease of set up, the portability, and also the cooking experience make this an unique pizza oven.

Halo Versa Pizza Features

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

So here it is, the Halo Versa Pizza Oven. This stove gets to 950 ° F in 12 mins or at the very least that is what they claim. For me, I felt it reached that temperature level much quicker. Yes, you have to take a little time for the rock to heat up that warm, however this stove warms up extremely rapidly. Most importantly, it will cook a pizza in regarding 5 mins. Not only will it cook a pizza in 5 minutes, but it does it to excellence.

As a note, you can see I have this set up on my plastic job bench. Also after utilizing it for extended periods of time, the bench never got hot, which suggests it is safe for the back of your tailgate or perhaps that timber outing bench. As always, please check out the owner’s handbook for the correct use and also arrangement.

On the front of the oven, there is an open space for you to be able to glide in your pizza. You will certainly likewise discover on the front, 2 switches, and one handle. The switch left wing is the ignitor button, and also the button on the right is to start as well as stop the rotation of the stone. The center handle is to change your heat.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Likewise, on the front is a big temperature level scale that is very easy to read. I such as exactly how it’s on an angle so I am not attempting to flex over and see the temperature level. I can stand up and conveniently see the temperature.

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One of my favored functions of this oven is the quality. When they created this stove, they didn’t cut any edges. For me, this is massive because I feel numerous products attempt to reduce edges and also conserve a dollar, yet in the long run, the customer suffers. With the Halo, it’s high quality inside out, which I will enter into even more of it later.

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Again, somebody was believing. Why not have a quick-connect gas line? Yes, it cost them more money with this type of link but for the consumer, it’s a lot easier to connect and separate. The stove will certainly run off either a 1lb or 20lb container.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

On each side of the oven, there is a huge rubber band to quickly utilize and also safeguard the lid to the base. Again, these are thick bands, not some cheap slim bands.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Speaking of high quality, even the depend upon the back are top quality. They utilize two durable rest on the back so the lid opens as well as shuts conveniently.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Okay, so we understand the business really did not reduce edges. And now allow’s delve into where the magic occurs, the inside.

Opening the lid, there is ample space and also easy access to get inside and do anything you need to do. The lid completely opens up and remains open.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

The stone is a 16 ″ rock so ample space for a huge pizza or other items you intend to cook in this stove.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Once you take the stone out, you can quickly see and also eliminate the stone holder, which makes cleansing a breeze.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Under the stone owner is a drip or crumb frying pan. Again, it gets rid of exceptionally easy for cleaning. Plus the pan is big sufficient that it actually accumulates anything that falls off the edge of the rock.

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So right here is the body and soul of this oven, the heaters. Yes, it has a twin burner system. There is an infrared burner beneath the stone to warm the stone up. Pair that with the rotating rock as well as you obtain a great also cook. On top, there is a gas burner that offers heat above the stone. So altogether, you get a nice also, as well as regular chef.

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Once again, someone was assuming, and also here is simply one more example of why this oven attracts attention above the remainder. You can power this by using a wall plug or even better, 2-D batteries. This means this is ideal for camping, trailing gating, and also anywhere you wish to go.

Even for me, I have been using the hell out of this in your home and also I wind up just making use of the battery due to the fact that it’s so practical and also simple to set up.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

So below is where I believe some genius planned ahead. Beneath the oven is the power supply and also motor. While this oven is incredibly premium quality, we know points can happen, especially with electric motors as well as power supplies since it’s a relocating component. With a number of fasteners, I can take out the electric motor and power supply as well as conveniently replace them. I don’t have to replace the whole stove, simply the tiny box below.

Understanding how top quality this device is, I make certain the motor and power supply are likewise top quality and hard. Nevertheless, things take place and every motor only has a particular lifetime. Whoever developed this idea, requires a raise.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Instead of using 4 feet, they designed this with two long feet on each side. Again, it simply shows the reasoning, design, and top quality of this oven.

Halo Versa Pizza Efficiency.

When it involves performance, I am unsure what I can state. This exceeded and also past anything, I thought about when I think about a pizza stove. This prepared both an icy as well as self-made pizza to perfection. Also the icy pizza was tasty, which states a great deal.

Most importantly, it’s not just a pizza stove, it’s a portable stove. View the video clip listed below. I had the ability to prepare so much a lot more in this stove, so it offers flexibility like no other.

Halo Versa Pizza Rate.

So how much does this expense? You can pick this up for $500. Yes, it’s greater than some of the various other pizza ovens on the market, yet you obtain so much more.

When you consider the quality, the rotating stone, the convenience of use, and the results of what you can prepare, $500 is an excellent cost for this stove.

Again, you are obtaining so much more than just a pizza oven. You obtain speed, you get transportability and also you obtain a regular food preparation experience whenever. This is a bargain buy for any person.

Final Ideas.

Bottom line, this is one of those products that blew my assumptions away. I am not simply claiming that. This oven is an essential for anyone. The top quality was better than I anticipated. The design of the stove was far better than expected. I like the mobility of the stove. I am captivated by all the different foods you can cook, however best of all is the last end result as well as perfection of food preparation this stove provides.

I love consuming but I am not the very best chef. This oven makes it simple for me to cook up a wide range of foods and makes me look like a rock celebrity, well a rock star in their 40s.

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