EGO Commercial Backpack Blower

When it involves cordless Outdoor Power Tools (OPE), vanity leads the pack. They were the first business to supply a cordless lawnmower, a cordless blower, and various other OPE’s that were in fact sensible and useful. When vanity hit the market in 2014, they were an instantaneous hit because they carried out like gas devices as well as the top quality was something that was doing not have in the market. Ever since, they have actually been creating a business line that brings me to the topic of today’s write-up, the EGO Business Backpack Blower.

EGO Commercial Backpack Blower Overview

Let’s be actual, we are still not to the factor where you can totally eliminate gas, specifically for the specialist landscaper. Yes, for the house owner, vanity has pressed the limitations and enabled the home owner to totally relocate from corded and/or gas to battery. For the professional, we are still a little methods off due to the fact that several of these tools, like a riding lawnmower, are such high power-demanding devices. Nonetheless, EGO just took it one step closer to being able to move over and also shift to specialist battery-powered tools.

EGO Commercial Backpack Blower Features

The Vanity Commercial Knapsack Blower * with Top Power is a brand-new addition to the vanity commercial line. This blower uses 800 CFM, speeds of as much as 190 MILES PER HOUR, as well as a 26N press pressure.

It is developed around a 1,900 W brushless motor which amounts a 60cc gas engine. Even the exterior is made to perform as it has a UV-resistant composite real estate as well as IPX5 ranked for weather-resistant use.

This EGO Commercial Backpack Blower is developed with commercial-grade electronic devices that are inside checked as well as cooled down when required. The mechanicals are totally self-serviceable. These clever features equate to less downtime.

* This Vanity Backpack Blower is offered in 3 configurations:

LBPX8000– Backpack Blower OnlyLBPX8004-2– Knapsack Blower with two 6.0 Ah Batteries & Dual Port ChargerLBPX8006-2– Backpack Blower with 2 10.0 Ah Batteries & Twin Port Charger 1 of 3

This blower is powered by EGO 56V batteries. This blower calls for 2 batteries which are simple to put and get rid of from the back of the blower.

These batteries give up to 120 minutes of run time on reduced and thirty minutes over.

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The middle of the tube is versatile and also easy to maneuver. This blower only has a 65db( A) ranking at 50 ′.

Ego Commercial Backpack Blower

The hand control is your typical arm with the trigger and also lock. Nonetheless, it has an added cool attribute, the screen.

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On top of the take care of is a display that shows battery life and also power.

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Television’s end-cap can be gotten rid of for getting rid of a broader location, plus the tube can be expanded with a quick flick of a lever.

Ego Commercial Backpack Blower

On the top of the knapsack, there is a deal with making it simpler to grab and carry. There is an extra manage situated on the bottom.

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The shoulder as well as waistline bands are padded making it a lot more comfortable. There is likewise an upper body band for better weight circulation and to assist maintain the blower in place as well as stagnate side to side.

EGO Commercial Backpack Blower Performance

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For me, there are three points I look for in a knapsack blower. I desire power, comfort, as well as run time, with convenience being a leading priority. I’ve utilized a wide array of backpack blowers as well as when it pertains to comfort, this is one of the very best I’ve put on. The bands are thick as well as padded. For the waistline strap, it is easy to put above the hips to assist balance out the weight. So altogether, this is one comfortable knapsack blower.

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Next are power as well as run time. We currently spoke about the runtime (120 mins on low, thirty minutes above, 25 minutes on turbo), which is wonderful for a battery-powered knapsack blower.

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As for power, this blower does not lack power. We live in Chicago as well as springtime is ultimately right here. After each winter, we always have areas of dirt where the plows pushed and also left the snow. The snow melts and leaves rocks and various other debris behind. We were able to quickly move smaller rocks and leaves that have actually been hidden under the snow for the winter.

So in the end, this blower satisfies all 3 of my criteria: comfort, power, as well as run time.

Vanity Commercial Backpack Blower Finish Up

Expert landscaping companies can not throw away every one of their gas-powered as well as corded tools right now, but we are absolutely obtaining closer. The vanity LBPX8000 is powerful, offers good runtime, as well as is incredibly comfy. Vanity did a fantastic task with the enhancement of this knapsack blower to their industrial line of devices. You can find vanity items at LOWE’s, Ace Equipment, and on (with free shipping on a lot of items).

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