SKIL Power Head System – 40V String Trimmer & Edger

SKIL has been growing its line of Outdoor Power Tools (OPE). They have blowers, lawn mowers, and also much more. Today we are having a look at among their brand-new releases, the SKIL Power Head system which presently has a string leaner as well as lawn edger. But understanding SKIL, I make certain they will launch a lot more things for this system.

SKIL Power Head System – Information

Name – SKIL PWR Core 40 Power HeadModel – PLT1500C-10Price – $199Where to Buy – Reviews – SKIL Reviews

SKIL Power Head System – Features

Above is the present setup SKIL with the Power Head, the String Trimmer, and also the Edger. As you can see, the string leaner along with the head makes use of a straight shaft design.

Skil Power Head System

The power head is designed with a brushless electric motor for durability and a brushless electric motor also aids enhance run time.

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The system escapes the SKIL PWR CORE 40V battery system. The battery remains on the back of the power head to aid stabilize the device.

Skil Power Head System

The over-mold grip provides a wonderful feeling for the device, plus the method SKIL made the system, the safety switch is simple to gain access to.

Skil Power Head System

In addition to the power head, there is a slide button to select between Low and high modes.

Skil Power Head System

The adjustable auxiliary hold can quickly be gone up or down without utilizing any kind of tools. Simply turn the thumb screw to loosen up and after that move it to the desired placement.

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Among the most essential functions of any type of multi-head system is how very easy it is to connect and also eliminate the add-ons. SKIL makes this exceptionally very easy. Simply glide the attachment in position. The press pin will immediately secure into location and after that all you have to do is tighten up the knob.

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String Trimmer Attachment

14 ″/ 16 ″ reducing swathDual line bump feedEasy to load head– Twist LoadLine Diameter–.080 ″.

Lawn edger Accessory.

Flexible overview wheel9 ″ bladeDebris shieldsCuts as much as 3 ″.

SKIL Power Head System– Perceptions.

Multi-head systems are hit-or-miss. I have used some that I love and others that have not pleased me. Some seem to do not have power and also high quality. With the SKIL, I believe they did a terrific work. This unit has power as well as absolutely has the top quality. Most importantly, the price tag isn’t hefty like other systems we have made use of. Transforming the attachments is very easy and also fast. Plus as soon as they are in area, they fit exceptionally well and there isn’t any kind of “flopping around” between the add-on as well as the power head.

SKIL Power Head System– Complete.

Altogether, this is a great system for the cash. I such as having the ability to purchase one power head as well as have a couple of batteries. After that I can save cash and also simply acquire the add-ons. Currently, there are two accessories yet knowing SKIL, I make certain there is more in the works. In the meantime, it’s tough to beat the top quality, the power, and also the price.

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